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Art Classes in person or through remote instruction

How does it work?

We can start at the beginning of setting up your project with a list of supplies that you will need and go through step by step until you are finished. That will include how to decide on a project, determining the best composition, getting your image on paper or canvas and the process of drawing or painting the image.


Or, I can offer a critique of a project that you've already begun and give you constructive input on how to improve an existing project.

With this email process, you will send me photos of images that you are interested in doing (or the photo that you are currently working with) as well as your work in progress once you get started. Once an image has been chosen and you are ready to start, I will print the photo and your project side by side with notes, arrows, and comments. I will then email it back to you for your instruction. 

Each session will include 5 or 6 steps for you to work on or 30 minutes of personal instruction. The complexity of your project and your skill level will determine the number of sessions that you will need. 

Unless you are an experienced artist I strongly recommend that you find a basic drawing class to take prior to using my services. Drawing teaches you to see shapes and that is the foundation of all art. 

This service is available at $40 per session or $140 for 4 sessions.

Payment is accepted through Venmo and is required prior to beginning. Allow 24 hours on weekdays for a response. 

Email me and I'll send you my Venmo account information.

Private Lessons


Individual lessons enable you to learn quickly with demonstrations and assistance. Lessons are $60 per hour and available on a limited basis.

Example of remote instructions. We go through several stages of instruction/suggestions until it is completed. 
critique sample for remote learning
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