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Comments from art group members. 

Craig - Jan has really helped me take my art to the next level. She helps you see the smallest of details that brings life to your drawings and paintings. I am truly thankful I found her and was able to join her group. 

Pat - Jan’s art studio has become one of the main sources for my personal self-care. I feel pride in my finished art projects due to Jan’s keen eye and ability to provide guidance and feedback in clear, encouraging, and inspirational ways. Besides being a talented artist and teacher, Jan is also a community builder. Joining her group includes becoming a member of a larger community of artists where we support each other in our artistic endeavors and our own personal life milestones. Thank you, Jan, for providing such a warm and welcoming place to create art, connections, and lifelong friendships. 

Sarah - Jan is fantastic! I am in her Tuesday night group and it has become something I look forward to every week. I am an experienced artist that wanted to step up my game and I found the perfect mentor to help me do that. Jan is very patient, open, and gives good honest feedback. I am thrilled with how much I have already learned! Thank you so much, Jan!  

Cecilia - I joined Jan's club ages ago wondering if I would fit in, if had any "talent". One of the most valuable things I learned from Jan is that we all have the capacity to SEE, and we all can learn to see more and better. This changed not only the way I approach my own art projects; it changed the way I appreciate art, and even the way I look at the world around me -- what I see when I look at my daughter's hair or my cat licking her paws. Everything now has more depth, more detail; I learned to see stuff that I didn't see before. 


And that's just the art part, then there's the community.  You really can't pay for this piece: you can't tell someone "help me a little more and give me a community".  I really don't know how Jan does it: she's funny and straightforward, thoughtful and wise, and she has this unique knack, to take a bunch of strangers and create a community. I guess that's an art too. Jan's club is the sort of gift we all hope the universe will bestow on us at least once. 

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