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Oil Paintings

Six wild animal portraits in oil

Portraits: Wild Heads - oil 36" x 24" collection of artist*

Fish: Shoal of Grunts - oil 30" x 30" collection of artist*

White Lion in oil
School of Grunt fish oil painting
Snow Leopard in oil

Lion: Timbaviti Messenger - oil 30" x 40"  collection of artist *

Snow Leopard: Walk on the Wild Side - oil 40" x 30" collection of artist*

*available as a limited edition giclee print

Moose painting in oil
Cougar portrait in oil
Black Leopard portrait in oil
Mother elephant and calf in oil

Moose:  12"x 12"  Oil $900  Gallery Wrap

Cougar: Intense Eyes  8"x 10" Oil  $800  Framed

Black Leopard: Shadow Eyes  8"x 10" Oil $800  Framed

Elephants: Nurturing  18"x 36"  Oil  $2000  Framed

I've done hundreds of original paintings in oil, colored pencil and acrylic. Shown are some of my more recent paintings as well as a
those that are available for purchase. 

grizzly bear cubs in colored pencil
Orangutan drawing in colored pencil

Colored Pencil

Over the years I've created dozens of colored pencil drawings. I switched to oil some years ago as a new challenge. Shown on the left are two of my favorite colored pencil drawings.

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