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Giclee Prints

Giclee Prints are a very high resolution fine art digital print using fade resistant inks on acid free paper. These prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes (limited by the size of the original painting which is usually quite large) and are priced based on the size desired. Some are limited editions and signed and numbered. They are produced when ordered. Contact me through for a price.

White lion oil painting

Timbaviti Messenger

Snow Leopard oil painting

Walk on the Wild Side

Grunts fish oil painting

Shoal of Grunts

Limited Edition Prints

chimpanzee in colored pencil

Contemplating Moment  Size: 17"x 14"  Edition of 500   Price: $85

Wolf drawing in colored pencil
Polar Bear in colored pencil

On the Watch 23" x16" Edition of 500   $125

Moose in water colored pencil

Silent Watch  18"x24"  Sold Out

Clydesdale horses in colored pencil
Gorilla drawing in colored pencil

Murky Waters  17.5"x 17.5"  Edition of 500   $125

Feel'n Their Oats  26" x20"   Sold Out

His Highness 15"x24" Edition of 225   $145

Funny animals in Anthroprmorphic Karma

Anthropomorphic Karma 26"x20" Edition of 650   $125

Elk in snow in colored pencil
Cottontail rabbit in colored pencil

Nuttal's Cottontail  14" x 8"  $65 Edition of  500

Pride of the Rockies  22"x17"  Edition of 500   $125


Open Edition Prints may be printed for many years. There is no limit to the number of prints that may be produced of any image and are also available from many fine art publishers.

white tiger in colored pencil

Bengal Pride  36"x 20"  $40

Black leopard in colored pencil

Elusive Encounter  36"x 20"  $40

Lion pair in colored pencil

Soul Mates 36"x 20"  $40

Elephant herd in colored pencil

Savannah Stroll $30

Cheetah pair in colored pencil

A Special Bond 28"x 20"  $30

Snow leopard in colored pencil

Snow Leopard 28"x 22"  $30

Polar bear in colored pencil

The Watcher 22"x 28"  $30

Cougar in colored pencil

Silent Approach 20"x 28"  $30

Tiger in water in colored pencil
Giraffe mother and calf in colored pencil

Reflections 22"x 28"   $30

White tiger in colored pencl

Into The Light 34"x 22"  $30

Under Cover 12"x 36"  Sold Out

South America continent with animals
Africa continent with animals
North America continent with animals
Antarctica continent with animals
Australia continent with animals
Europe continent with animals
Asia continent with animals

The Continent Series

The idea came about for this series while traveling to an art show over 20 years ago. The originals are in the permanent collection of the Children's Library in Orem Utah. They were printed and distributed to many schools and public buildings in Utah. 

I have a few individual prints left. They are not signed or numbered and are $45 each. The prints are 14" x 20". There is slight yellowing on the edges of the paper which can easily be trimmed off during framing. The supply is very limited. 

 Prices do not include shipping and insurance. Shipping and insurance costs will be determined based on shipping location. 

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