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These are just a few of the many comments received from satisfied buyers of my paintings and prints of wildlife and domestic animals. 

"Jan, I saw both of the prints I ordered, framed, in an office and I can't tell you what they did to my heart - I wrote down your name from the prints and rushed home to my internet and looked up your name. They touched my heart, I am truly in love: you are absolutely well past talented.
Anyone who comes in contact with your talent and is not touched would have to be heartless or blind. . .I'll let you know when the cats arrive." Cheers, Candy

"Jan, I love both of my paintings and have already hung them in my home. I placed Aspens right by my front door. My daughter thinks it is fabulous and she is usually not so expressive. She wants us to make sure we make the area as open as possible so that the painting isn't in anyway obscured. She was really cute about it. I also found a great place for the other painting. You are an amazing artist." Laura  

"Love is the impression I had when I first saw Jan Henderson's art work, you know the feeling when it goes right to the core of your art heart and speaks to you. It infused a sense of knowing that I would forever be changed. I now own and display many of her incredible works in my home. Love is the right word." Greg 

"Hi Jan, My sister is excitedly awaiting the arrival of Soul Mates. She is visiting from Germany and saw the print framed at a store at our Mall in Virginia Beach. She fell in love with it, but there was no unframed print available to take in her suitcase. We goggled and found your web site and the picture. We hope it arrives by next week, which would be in time for her journey back to Germany. We loved looking at all of your pictures, they are beautiful." Thank you. P. Thomas

"Hello, I have two of your cat paintings, the black leopard in what looks like snow, and a thoughtful and loving white tiger with head on giant paws. I am writing to thank you for somehow ethereally tying into my two cats and our lives together in the 90s: the white tiger looks out at me from the painting just like my little Balou used to look at me, totally trusting and kind, and the black leopard looks out at me like my little Bob used to look at me, Venalities, needing me. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. My husband and I have always marveled at how you captured a quality that you never even witnessed, from both of my cats at that time. It has been lovely and strange to see these works everyday for the past six years, and I thank God for your sensibility. The moment I can afford to purchase more of your images, I will." Thanks again. Deb 

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