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Student projects in oil, colored pencil, scratch board, pastel & acrylic.

cactus in oil
Landscape in oil
Utah arch in oil
Sunflower in oil

Some projects are the first created, some from seasoned artists. each students works on a project of their choice with no pressure. 

yellow flower in colored pencil
Cactus in colored pencil
portrait in oil
colored pencil dog
Man holding little dog in colored pencil
mother and baby giraffe
zebras in colored pencil
otters in colored pencil
dog in oil
puffins in colored pencil
old sailor in oil
little boy in colored pencil
large dog in scratchboard
snow leopard in oiol
cute dog in colored pencil
young girl in graphite
english cottage in graphite
violets in colored pencil
fun dog in acrylic
tasty meal in oil
german shepard in oil
Barb big goats.jpf
underwater swimmers in colored pencil
frenchies on bed
dessert still life in acrylic
rabbit in snow
lake at sunset
Laurie books.jpf
Laurie flowers - Copy.jpf
Tina garden.jpf

Not every artists work is shown. I'll be adding more wonderful images in the near future. Creating art is healing and so fun!

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