During Covid-19 Classes are being held in the garden. A few students are being

instructed remotely during this time especially if they need to quarantine due to out of state travel. Please use the contact link if you are interested in joining a class.

Are you open minded, fun and supportive of others? If so then you'll fit right in. Making you

successful is my job and I'm good at it. You will get frustrated, after all you are doing

something new or improving your existing skills. I provide a supportive environment for every level of ability. Beginners and well behaved dogs are welcome.

Classes are ongoing. You will work on a project of your choice, at your speed. I'll help you select project based on your abilities and put together a supply list with your budget in mind. During Covid-19 each class is limited to 5 adult students with room in several classes for a make-up if you miss a class. This limited class size will be be necessary when we move back inside due to cold weather. A UVilizer will be used to sterilize between classes.

Saturday       10 to noon  Full*.

Tuesday        6 to 7:30    One opening for drawing and one for painting.

Wednesday   10:30 to noon  One opening for drawing or painting.

Wednesday   6 to 7:30    Full*

Thursday       6 to 7:30    Full*

Friday            10 to 11:30   Full*

Classes are $35 each and students pay for the entire month at the first of the month. I require a two week notice when a student decides to leave class. A New Student Class Policy will be sent to each potential student. It discusses make-ups, etc.

*a waiting list is available for full classes.

If you don't want to commit to ongoing classes but you really want to learn to use colored pencils please check out seminars at: Craigellertsonart.com

copyright: janhenderson