Sharing, caring and being there for each, other makes the path to creativity a true joy!

Finding a safe place to create, knowing that you are supported and cared about is huge in freeing your creativity that has often been held captive for too long.

Student Project Example   Jerre, Amanda & Laura
Paint throwing

We channeled Jackson Pollock and threw paint for a wall hanging for Empowerment Services!
Student Project Example   Jerre, Me & Laura
Sunday project fun!

Matching the colors of the fabric, dancing and eating. What a fun life I have. Love you guys!
Student Project Example   Joan S.
Oil Painting

Joan's fabulous gift for her special someone. Full of energy and dynamic!
Student Project Example   Tina
Oil Painting

Her second painting is delightful and Tina has gained so much confidence. Go girl!
Student Project Example   Jeffrey
Oil Painting

His second painting and an all time favorite of mine ever. Love it Jeff!
Student Project Example   My Birthday!
Wednesday Night Class

Great times and great food. Todd brought this amazing cake and other brought wine+. XOXO
Student Project Example   Dennis
Oil Painting

This guy is on fire. He is new at this and already selling his work. Way to go guy!
Student Project Example   Tom
Acrylic Painting

Go back through the last few pages and see the interesting variety of Tom's pictographs.
Student Project Example   Dennis
Oil Painting

Boy does he get into his work. At least this time it didn't end up on me too! Love you Dennis!
Student Project Example   Halloween at Carol's
Friday morning class

Brunch at her beautiful home with her family (two and four legged) was such a fabulous time. Thank you Carol!
Student Project Example   Sherry
Colored Pencil

This is fabulous! Sherry is a newer student and is very committed. She donated this for auction.
Student Project Example   Monday Class
Mixed media

Working hard to finish drawing and paintings for the show!
Student Project Example   Fall 2013
Path to class!

Whatever the time of year, the walkway is always interesting. Beautiful Fall!
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
Students + + + :)

People in different groups often never meet but see each others work. Here you get to meet all of the artists.
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show

My boy does his 'meet and greet' with old and new friends!
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
A Special Thank You!

Jerre (on the right) gave me the courage to create the Workshop.
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
Meet new people!

A very special evening with very special people.
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
Family time too!

We all just love to get together with each others family and friends.
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
Huge turnout!

My home and Workshop are tiny. Good thing we could use the deck and yard this year!
Student Project Example   2013 Student Show
Hanging out!

The weather was great and everyone enjoyed the evening.