Fall 2011 Student Projects. Getting ready for the holidays and finishing up gifts!

As always, the quality of work is amazing. I have the best job and teach the very best people!

Student Project Example   Dani
Youth Oil Painting

Dani is gaining more and more skill. She isn't afraid to tackle difficult projects. It's exciting to work with such talent.
Student Project Example   Tyler
Youth Sculpting

Tyler is building a zoo. Each animal is very well done and he gets faster with each project.
Student Project Example   Jan & Jessie
Private Lesson

Joan brought her new puppy for me to meet. What a snuggly sweet little girl. Beautiful too!
Student Project Example   Craig
Friday morning

There is a standing joke about a lizard so Carol gave him one for Christmas. How fun!
Student Project Example   Jerre
Acrylic Painting

Fun and exciting! Jerre made this in three panels.
Student Project Example   Shari
Acrylic Painting

Beautiful! This is Shari's very first painting. It was a gift for her husband who just loved it.
Student Project Example   Maura
Oil Painting

Maura's beetle is her first oil painting and she inspired us all. This is the first in a series for her.
Student Project Example   Megan
Youth Oil Painting

Megan's first project is wonderful. She was so patient and happy with the finished painting.
Student Project Example   Kathleen
Monday evening

Kathleen scared us all so the paramedics were called. Cute guys and she's doing OK now.
Student Project Example   Stacey & Ruth
Saturday morning

Brush wars happen! These two love to torment each other.


Student Project Example   Tyler
Youth Sculpting

The leopard on the tree is so adorable. Tyler really loves to sculpt and his family and I are amazed at his talent.
Student Project Example   Dani
Youth Oil Painting

Dani has really mastered flesh tones and subtle shading. She is barely 15 and loves oil. It shows!
Student Project Example   Emma
Youth Drawing

This was really difficult for Emma but she really pulled it off well. The colors were challenging.
Student Project Example   Becky
Acrylic Painting

Christmas is a time for thinking of others. Becky created this fun painting for her son.
Student Project Example   Jane
Colored Pencil

Jane is building all of the many layers of a colored pencil project.
Student Project Example   Stacey
Oil Painting

A delightful Christmas gift that Stacey created for someone special in her life.